CW certainly expected their announcement yesterday to cast Ruby Rose as Batwoman would draw a ton of positive reactions, and they were ​right to an extent.

However, along with the positive reactions were a heap of ​angry fans opposed to casting Rose as Batwoman in the upcoming self-titled TV series.

The hostile reactions for the choice caught the attention of a pretty important person--to say the least--involved in the series.

Longtime Batwoman writer and the character's co-creator, Greg Rucka, took to Twitter to voice his support for Rose being tapped for the role. 

​​Rucka is not set to actually be a part of the TV series, but he had further praise for the casting of Rose. 

Fans will be able to see for themselves if CW made the correct decision when Rose debuts in the network's annual ​Arrowverse crossover in December. 

Hopefully, the former Orange is the New Black actress can pull off a performance that satisfies her fan base, while also pleasantly surprising her naysayers.