​It should come as no surprise that Dua Lipa is an advocate for women and all about girl power, with songs like "IDGAF" and "New Rules." 

Yesterday, the singer addressed an act of anti-feminism from over a decade ago. Lipa took to Twitter to share an article from 2003 which claims Beyoncé is "No Ashanti," after going solo from Destiny's Child. 15 years after the publication of this articleBeyo​ncé's one of the biggest names in the music industry. 

Along with the ​article headline, Lipa tweeted, "One of the most funny and embarrassing articles in history. Putting women against each other and speaking way too soon. It’s obvious everyone has room to grow but trying to diminish someones success just because... is a theme that rarely happens with male artists."

The article basically compared ​Beyoncé and Ashanti's singing style, lyrics, how they got their solo start, etc., saying Ashanti was the, "antithesis of Destiny's Child's dogma: Ashanti sang like a woman who just couldn't help herself."

Lipa promptly followed up with another tweet that read, "If people stopped pitting women against each other...we'd be f*****g unstoppable. I can understand that threat," reminding everyone who exactly would run the world if they were given a fair chance.

Lipa is confidently aware of the power and potential women have and how that may be threatening for some, but just like she says in her song, she does not give a f***.