​If you haven't seen the viral picture from ​Kim Kardashian's most recent photoshoot yet, brace yourselves, because you're in for a treat. 

It's no secret Kim's accustomed to photoshoots, and on Monday, she shared a photo of herself wearing a pair of Yeezy sneakers while reclining in bed.  

The awkward and uncomfortable-looking positioning of ​Kim's body, combined with the blank stare on her face​​ sent Twitter users into a frenzy of doing what they do best, ​making memes

As usual, the memes did not disappoint. Twitter users compared Kim's photo to the Life Support commercials, cropped her into running a marathon, playing Twister, posing as one of Andy's toys from Toy Story and dancing. 


Good thing she had on her Yeezys to run that race. 

​​However, while this was fun and games for the meme makers, there were some Twitter users who were less than amused by the timing of ​Kim's post, which was just a few hours following Beyoncé's release of her Vogue Sept. cover photos. 

​​This isn't the first time fans have speculated Kim trying to steal B's spotlight and probably won't be the last.

Whether this was an intentional attempt or not, the aftermath of Kim's Yeezy photoshoot has definitely set the bar for funniest memes in August thus far.