Supergirl the TV show, starring Melissa Benoist, has had its fair share of success with a respectable amount of Saturn and People's Choice awards/nominations. 

For fans of the entire series, which includes the show, comic books and a ​1984 film, ​there was some good news broken on Monday. 

Deadline is reporting ​Warner Bros and DC are developing a movie based around Supergirl, also known as Kara Zor-El. 

Although 22 Jump Street producer, Oren Uziel, has already been slated to write the film, it is still in its very early stages. Warner Bros. has not even hired a producer for the movie, and there is no time frame for anything in the future just yet. 

Fans are both excited and left with many questions regarding the new project, including if Supergirl's cousin, Superman, will play some role in it. There have been plenty of ​rumors about DC going in a different direction with Superman's persona, and the planned project can possibly be a catalyst for the change.

Many would like DC to first address Superman's future, after Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman left a ton of speculation about the character's direction. 

​​Some are flat out furious. 

​​Supergirl is yet another DC project they have recently announced is in the works, including Superpets and The Joker.