​Disney has made a massive investment in the Star Wars series, and thus far, the investment has paid off for the media conglomerate. 

The latest film installments have been box office hits, including The Force Awakens being insanely lucrative and breaking nearly every single box office record. 

Disney plans to translate the big screen success to a different medium, with an upcoming live-action series from producer John Favreau premiering on Disney's streaming service, which comes out late next year. 

Unsurprisingly, the company is putting a ridiculous amount of money into the show. The new series is expected to cost a total $100 million, according to the New York Times.

The hefty $10 million-an-episode price tag would make the series one of the most expensive TV shows of all time, joining the likes of Game of Thrones and Star Trek: Discovery

Considering the series is set to premiere on Disney's streaming service, there is a lot riding on its success, with high expectations from fans and the crazy amount of cash expected to put into both the show and streaming service.