​Not only did Jenelle Evans ​pull out a gun in front of her nine-year-old son Jace this season, but the Teen Mom 2 finale showed the 26-year-old reality star threatening to quit the MTV series! And in case of that becoming a reality, it seems the network is already thinking of who could replace Jenelle.

After going on a homophobic rant on Twitter earlier this year, Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason was fired from the series. Jenelle has obviously always been upset about this, but hadn't acted as threatening as she did in the finale.

A source says, “Basically, Jenelle wants David included in filming, and if that’s not possible, she wants him to be allowed to be around while she’s filming." 

"She doesn’t care if he isn’t shown on-camera or paid. She told [the producer] that if she is filming at their home, she is not going to make David leave," the insider adds. “She also wants him to be able to attend Reunions and other filming events with her–even if he doesn’t go on camera– and for MTV to pay for his travel.”

Although Jenelle is extremely demanding, MTV is not budging.

Rumors of Jenelle's replacement spread this weekend, after Teen Mom 3 star ​Mackenzie McKee took to Snapchat to share a photo of a camera crew in her home. Fans were quick to take notice and went on social media to ask what was going on.

One tagged The Ashley's Reality Roundup, a reality TV show source, asking if Mackenzie could be replacing Janelle. 

The Ashley responded, saying crazy "shizzzz" is happening, and fans will be updated ASAP. Hm... That isn't confirmation, but certainly isn't denial!

Now, a handful of Teen Mom fans have taken to social media to express how excited they are at the idea of Mackenzie coming on.

"This makes me so happy!!," one wrote.

Another joked they didn't care for Mackenzie, but she's better than Jenelle.

More updates to come!