​​Tom Holland may have the looks of a harmless puppy, but he has a serious spoiler problem! 

Since the beginning of the Avengers franchise, any information about any of the films was kept so under wraps that we pretty much only had the plot theories and hunches we could come up with ourselves until the movies' releases.

That is, until Tom Holland. Unfortunately, he quickly became reporters' best friend when he started to divulge any information he had about Avengers: Infinity War whenever he was put in front of a camera. 

Apparently, it got so out of hand during the production of Infinity War, that Holland was forbidden from seeing a full script of the movie, out of fear he'd spoil the whole thing!

spider man

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo were asked by Entertainment Tonight to comment on Holland's problem, to which Joe said Marvel was basically powerless. “What are you gonna do?….He’s the nicest guy in the world, so you can never be punitive toward Tom Holland," he said.

So what exactly did the franchise do to prevent any further leaks? They policed Holland with a man notorious for talking his way around spoilers, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Marvel paired Holland and Cumberbatch on the press tour, explaining, “Benedict is a great partner for him on the press tour because Benedict is very good at dancing around spoilers and monitoring Tom Holland.”

Their strategy worked, because Holland didn't leak any more of Infinity War's storyline.

However, Holland's "talent" was put to use for a staged "leak," which revealed the title of his sequel,  Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Ultimately, we hope Holland will take a page out of the Cumberbatch chronicles and be more conscious about what he reveals with future projects.