​In case you missed out on the latest ​Kardashian sibling drama, a clip released for the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians showed Kourtney Kardashian calling Kim Kardashian West a "very distraught, evil human being" after Kim slammed Kourtney's appearance, calling her the "least interesting to look at." 

The argument ignited when Kim thought Kourtney wasn't being understanding enough of the other family members' scheduling conflicts for a family photoshoot she was planning.


In response to the feud, fans took to Twitter to give their two cents on the fight. One fan's tweet which insinuated they knew everything about Kourtney's desires ​got slammed by KKW. 

The fan tweeted,“What Kim doesn’t seem to understand is that Kourtney is done living this ​Kardashian life. She’s sick and tired of being forced to stay relevant by working herself off just to remain relevant. Kourtney just wants to be present in her children’s lives.”

Kim responded, saying, "Oh word, did Kourt tell you this? She sure wanna live that Kardashian life though, and BTW this photo shoot was our Christmas card. Family memories we were creating. Just tune in before you start acting like you know things.”

However, another fan's thoughts on the matter seemed to be perfectly in sync with Kim's feelings about the feud. 

The fan said, "@kourtneykardash crying over @KimKardashian saying she’s not even interesting to look at is brilliant. Siblings say dumb s*** to get a reaction, the receiving sibling cries, it’s over in a few days," to which KKW responded, "Exactly!!!"

Hopefully Kim's right with this one and the whole thing will blow over in a few days, but if not, strap in because we may be in for some more Kardashian drama before the new KUWTK season even premieres.