2016's '​Rogue One' was the first, and so far only successful, iteration of Disney's experimental 'Star Wars Stories,' a series of films grounded in the world created by George Lucas and purchased by the house of mouse, ​but not part of the actual 'Star Wars' episodic line-up. It was a new perspective on the conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance which formed the backbone of the original trilogy. 

However, the film did open up a minor plot hole that obsessive 'Star Wars' fans picked up on. In the movie, Riz Ahmed's embattled Imperial pilot Rook frantically christens the titular team the call-sign '​Rogue One' while being questioned. The entire team is killed off by the end of the film, but the call sign is used later in the cannon by Rebel Pilots on Hoth in 'Empire Strikes Back.'

rogue one

Thankfully, the 'Star Wars' comics have plugged this plot hole with issue #52. After learning about the sacrifice of the original Rogue Squadron and their leader Jyn Erso, Luke, Han, and a handful of Rebel pilots come under a surprise assault by the Imperial fleet. Luke takes command and, when asked to name the team, he recalls what he learned about his predecessors.

He emphatically issues the order: "​Rogue Squadron, form up." The issue ends there, but seeing as the term is used later in the franchise, it's safe to say enough people will survive the battle to continue the Rogue Squadron legacy. And with that, 'Star Wars' fanatics can sleep a little easier at night.


Still doesn't explain how Leia remembered her mother, though. Or why Luke has blonde hair when everyone else in his family is a brunette. Or how lasers can make noise in space. Or how Leia could survive in a vacuum. You know, I'm starting to think '​Star Wars' doesn't make any sense.