Game of Thrones fans still have a while to wait for the next season. And as our anticipation builds, the theories keep on flooding in. The newest theory has been developed on Reddit, revolving around Arya Stark and the connection between the Stark family and their wolves. 


User Gpengo pointed out, “In season one when she tried to get back into King’s Landing, the guards thought she was just a beggar."

"Then in season seven, when she was trying to get back into Winterfell, the guards didn’t believe that she was who she said she was," the Redditor continued.

User LGToledo added, “She sent away Nymeria in order to protect her. Could it be that by separating from her wolf she lost her identity also?" 

You may also remember that when ​Arya and Nymeria reunite in Season 7, the wolf does not come to her owner. Is it because ​Arya had changed so much? Or because her time with the Faceless Man removed her identity?

The theory continues, “Same thing happens to ​B​ran as his wolf was killed and he became the ​Three Eyed RavenRobb’s wolf is killed and Robb was dead. Rickon’s wolf was killed and afterwards Rickon was dead. Jon is still alive and Ghost too. The only one that doesn’t fit the pattern is Sansa.”

We can't know for sure what the connection is between the ​Starks and their wolves. And this ​theory doesn't provide us with any concrete predictions. But it's interesting to see these patterns and grow in our appreciation for the complexities of this show.

Game of Thrones will be returning with the ​eighth and final season during the ​first half of 2019.