​Last week's episode of Teen Mom 2 might've been the most insane in a while, as Jenelle Evans got caught in a bout of road rage, tailing a car and pulling out her gun all while her son Jace was sitting in the passenger seat. Viewers were absolutely shocked to see the edited footage MTV showed, and even non-fans of the series were shook by the news. 

But last night's finale was actually even more ridiculous, as Jenelle denied it ever happened! Jace called Barbara, Jenelle's mom, to recount the events that took place, namely Jenelle pulling out a gun. But when Barbara confronted her daughter about it, Jenelle accused her son of lying!

“Why are you telling her I pulled a gun out on him?” Janelle yelled at her nine-year-old son. “I did not do that.” Of course, viewers took to social media after watching the scene to express their concern. 


After getting home, Barbara then called Jenelle's ex, Nathan Griffith, and told him what happened. “We got to get those kids out of that house,” she told him, fighting back tears. 

Jenelle has three biological kids, not counting husband David Eason's children from previous relationships. Besides Jace, she and Nathan have son Kaiser, and she has a daughter with David as well. Nathan is currently ​fighting to get custody of Kaiser yet again, as he believes this latest incident will show "that the child might be in danger being in a hostile situation like that."

We don't know what is more unbelievable, that Jenelle actually pulled out a gun in front of Jace or that she's denying it happened! This is just crazy... but honestly not unexpected!