​Since former Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards' ​arrest last week, which came as his second in only for months, he was set to wait behind bars without bond until his court date. According to Nashville-based criminal defense attorney Ben Raybin, the 30-year-old reality star was ​facing over two years in prison.

Edwards' court hearing was set for August 6, but according to ​Radar Online, it was pushed up, and he's already out of jail!

A spokesperson for Hamilton County Jail revealed Edwards' hearing was moved to July 31, and he was released at 1:50 AM this morning.

“The first charge of simple possession of heroin - petition to revoke has been dismissed, the spokesperson stated. “For the second charge, he was given 11 months and 29 days suspended sentence.” Edwards must  now complete six months of probation and five public service days.

However, Edwards does still have an August 6 court date, and could still be facing a long time behind bars.

​Starcasm reports the City Judge of Red Bank, the town in which Ryan was arrested in, is a friend of his family, whose son was a groomsman of Ryan's wedding to Mackenzie. It's not clear if this definitely helped Ryan's hearing, but we're assuming so.

We're curious to see Edwards' current state and what exactly will go down on August 6.