Last week, Guardians of the Galaxy director ​James Gunn was fired by Disney after many of his old tweets, which made light of rape and pedophilia, re-surfaced. 

This week, Star ​Wars: The Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson, deleted over 20,000 tweets of his own. His act led to many accusations claiming he must have something to hide. However, Johnson took to Twitter to clarify he simply wanted to clear out any of his impromptu tweets that may be taken out of context.

Johnson confirmed to fans and critics alike that his Twitter purge was just a ​"why not?" move, in lieu of all the negativity and scrutiny surrounding the platform. 

Throughout his time on Twitter, Johnson made a point to interact with his followers, even after the debut of The Last Jedi resulted in some fans jumping off the Star Wars bandwagon and abandoning the franchise altogether. 

Johnson received criticism and backlash for The Last Jedi on a wide spectrum, from fans just expressing their disappointment, to the director receiving death threats after the film's debut. Thankfully, there are still some fans who are more light-hearted about the situation. 

​​Overall, Johnson says he acknowledges the feedback in an affirmative way, telling CNN he thinks the criticisms are "'fair' in terms of every single Star Wars thing that comes out, every fan has stuff they love, stuff they hate about it. Every movie has its lovers and its haters. Every single one going back to the originals."

As for the deletion of all those tweets, we suppose Johnson is abiding by the "better safe than sorry" mindset for this one.