DC is bringing us a slew of new films: Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2, ​Birds of Preyand now, an origin story for the famed villain, the Joker.

Now that Joaquin Phoenix is confirmed to be starring in the film, it's time to start considering the other characters and cast members. The joker origin story has ​recently landed a visual effects supervisor, production designer, and costume director. We also know the script is co-written by director Todd Phillips and Scott Silver.

Though it's not clear what the exact synopsis will be, the newest addition is a household name: Robert De Niro. If all goes through, De Niro will ​reportedly take on the role of a talk show host named Murray Franklin, who plays a key role in forming the unforgettable villain of the Joker.

The upcoming Joker film will ​not be like any of the other DC films, with a focus on the darker side that most superhero movies don't even show, and a budget of just $55 million. Comparatively, Wonder Woman was the cheapest of the recent DC films, costing $150 million. Batman v Superman cost $250 million and Justice League cost $300 million. 

We can't wait to see the Joker solo film, and to see Joaquin Phoenix take on this iconic role. We'd also love to see Robert De Niro cross over into superhero films. The project is scheduled to begin filming September in New York. So exciting!