5 Biggest Takeaways From the First 'Aquaman' Trailer

DC made waves at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con by debuting a bunch of trailers and teasers for upcoming projects, including the first peek behind the curtain at ‘Aquaman.’ Needless to say, the trailer they screened has released a tsunami of internet speculation and fan theories as to what individual segments and shots mean. Here’s a breakdown of the five most concrete takeaways from the epic trailer! 

5. The Film Will Have Two Villains

It had been announced previously that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II had been cast as classic Aquaman villain Black Manta, and fans the world over assumed he would be the film’s central antagonist. However, the trailer shows that he’ll be joined by Orm a.k.a. Ocean Master, Aquaman’s power-hungry brother, played by Patrick Wilson. 

4. It Will Focus on Romance

The film, at least according to the trailer, appears to be an Aquaman origin story which will depict him coming to terms with his royal heritage. This brings him into contact with Mera, the red-head Atlantean played by Amber Heard who pushes him to accept his lineage. Her romantic chemistry with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is palpable, and the trailer indicates that the film will be centered on their blossoming relationship.

3. DC is Finally Moving Away From Dark and Gritty

The DC superhero movies have thus far been fairly dark, dreary affairs that never really connected with audiences because it always seemed like the films themselves were afraid to have fun. ‘Aquaman’ looks to break that trend, as the trailer shows the titular character slinging jokes, dropping one-liners, and quipping left and right like a hipster Robert Downey Jr.

2. Holy CGI Batman!

At this point, mocking a superhero movie for having too much computer generated imagery is like making fun of a clock for ticking: it’s pointless, that’s what they’re supposed to do, and they’re not going to stop anytime soon. That being said, between entire armies of cartoon fish people, a whole underwater civilization, and most of the movie seemingly taking place under the waves, ‘Aquaman’ is stuffed to the gills with CGI, even more so than the average comic book film.  

1. Aquaman Has Never Looked This Cool

Momoa first turned heads as Aquaman in a poster for the ill-fated ‘Justice League’ movie which depicted him being ripped as all hell with glowering eyes and tribal tattoos reminiscent of his actual Pacific Island heritage. The Aquaman movie looks to try and up the ante on this awesome new visual of the character by covering him and his supporting cast in gleaming armor or stylishly casual rags alternatively, giving Aquaman both a ragtag and regal appearance throughout the film.