​Game of Thrones is done filming and the stars are saying goodbye. Everyone has their own way of coping, but the most common method seems to be with some ink!

Emilia Clarke, aka The Mother of Dragons, has expressed a desire to get a ​dragon tattoo, and Sophie Turner has already ​gotten a wolf in honor of House Stark. ​Now, it's Maisie Williams' turn, and it's just as fitting.

On her Instagram story, Maisie posted that she would be getting a "No One." tattoo, referring to her time at the House of Black and White, in which she was taught to describe to herself as "no one."

She also tagged tattoo artist Mr. K, who's inked many famous celebrities, including Maisie's on-screen sister Sophie Turner. The artist recently posted a photo with Sophie and ​her fiancé Joe Jonas. Perhaps the Stark girls got their tattoos together.

The two previously got matching tattoos, honoring the day they were cast for their roles in the hit HBO show: 07.08.09. Adorable!

When the show ended, Sophie got a tattoo of a wolf with the quote: "The pack survives." Many fans interpreted this as a spoiler for the ending of the show, perhaps saying the ​Starks would end up on top. Sophielater revealed, however, the tattoo was simply a reference to Season 7.

Similarly, Maisie's seems to be playing it safe with a spoiler-free tat, as her days with the God of Many Faces are long gone. Or are they?

We'll have to wait and see ​how everything goes down when Game of Thrones returns in 2019!