​Game of Thrones has introduced us to the most complex and interesting characters. With motivations of revenge, hatred, and ambition, we've seen even the worst of characters become our favorites.

But nothing compares to the redemption of Sansa Stark. When we first met her back in Season 1, she was not much other than a weak, cold, and spoiled little girl. Now, she's quickly become a ​warrior, and one of the show's strongest characters.

​Sophie Turner is now explaining what comes next for her character. In an interview with ​Digital Spy, Sophie revealed when we first meet Sansa in Season 8, she is the "true leader of Winterfell." She also says her character has grown into "this steely, strong, manipulative, intelligent, kind, young woman."

Sophie also pointed out how fans have warmed up to her, but "really loathed her" in the earlier seasons. "It's interesting, because it really wouldn't have made Sansa the Sansa she is today had she not gone through those things, and had been subjected to so much torture and trauma. It's made her the strong, passionate woman that she is," she said.

She's no longer a "vulnerable, innocent, naïve young girl," but "has the strength of her family behind her," Sophie shared. "She's used Littlefinger for all he has. As she said, 'Thank you for all your lessons'. He has nothing left to give her. So she is so empowered. She has a family behind her. She has Littlefinger, Cersei, Margaery, everyone's wisdom and teachings all behind her."

We can't wait to see what comes next for the Lady of Winterfell when Game of Thrones returns!