The upcoming DC movie ​Birds of Prey has a pretty stacked female roster. It will ​include Harley Quinn, Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Helena Bertinelli/Huntress, Cassandra Cain, and the newest member, Renee Montoya. 

And Renee is a particularly exciting addition, because she's the first canonically lesbian character in a DC Comics movie!

Renee is a Gotham City detective who is outed as a lesbian by Two-Face. She ultimately resigns and becomes The Question when Vic Sage dies of cancer. We don't know exactly how her story will play out in the film, or how integral her sexuality will be to the plot, but we're extremely excited for this shift towards inclusion of an LGBTQ superhero in the franchise.

According to a report by GLAAD, “There have been several films in recent years that have erased a character’s queer identity as they moved from page to screen. In 2017, Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and DC’s Wonder Woman both included characters who are queer in the source material, but did not include any on screen confirmation of their identities."

"This must change going forward," the report continued. "Studios must still do more to ensure that ​LGBTQ storylines and characters are included in fair and accurate ways." the report continues. "We hope that these films are the start of an upward trend of sustained progress, and not just a blip in the radar."

We can't wait to see how Birds of Prey includes this.