Three-time Oscar nominated actor ​Edward Norton was one of Marvel's first on-screen heroes. In 2008, he starred in The Incredible Hulk, which came out just a month after the franchise's first film, ​Iron Man. And though the movie was arguably Marvel's biggest flop, the Hulk actor blames the script.

Norton reportedly agreed to sign on for the film, only if he was allowed to rewrite the script. However, after editing, most of the scenes he had fought for were taken out. Now, ten years later, he's still pretty salty. 

During Comedy Central's roast of Bruce Willis, Edward Norton straight up called out Marvel. He defended his difficult behavior and said "I wanted a better script." In the end, his efforts to change the script were futile, and he wasn't even given a writing credit, since editing cut out most of the changes.

Ultimately, Bruce Banner was recast, and ​Mark Ruffalo was given the role. He has been with the franchise for six years, giving us one of our most beloved heroes. However, it looks like it's time for us to move on, especially since ​Marvel will evolving as they enter Phase 4

We wonder how Norton felt about Ruffalo's portrayal...