​Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have only been engaged for a month, but they're already promising forever! The couple has gotten (at least) two ​sets of matching tattoos, and Pete has a two Ariana-inspired tats. Now, it's Ariana's turn.

On Friday, a nail art studio called Nail Swag posted a pic of Ariana's newest manicure, and the photo featured a new tattoo inspired by her fiancé.

Along with the many tattoos she has on her hand, on her left you can see the name "pete" written in cursive on her ring finger. While ​Ariana has been welcoming the ​new tattoo, Pete has been saying goodbye to his wisdom teeth.

In an adorable and hilarious Instagram post on Saturday, Pete posted a pic of him recovering from the surgery with the caption, "why did my doctor put this thing around my face like it’s the 20s?"

This couple is seriously in love, and the only criticism we have is that the wedding isn't happening soon enough.