Fans looking forward to the next Fantastic Beasts movie, The Crimes of Grindelwald, certainly got plenty of sneak peeks this week!

First off, we got a look at Newt with his very familiar and homey neverending suitcase! Then, we even got to see Dan Fogler back in action as Jacob Kowalski with Eddie Redmayne's Newt, though I wonder whether or not he's got some of his memories back, or if he's just roped up coincidentally into Newt's adventures once more.

And then, finally, we get a flashback scene which shows Albus Dumbledore teaching a class and young Newt Scamander taking a step forward with his wand raised.

Now, while this image looks like it's just a show of what a class taught by Dumbledore looks like, as we've only seen the wizened professor take on the role of headmaster in previous movies, fans point out this doesn't look like a Transfiguration class at all, but a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, with the visual very reminiscent of when Lupin taught his students how to deal with a boggart.

As Potterheads know, the subject Dumbledore taught at Hogwarts was Transfiguration, just like Minerva McGonagall. (Though he probably wasn't watching over the class as a cat.)

Many fans point out this image is not even told where it takes place in Hogwarts, and the film could show rooms were changed around in the time before Harry eventually took his classes. Another thing is that, just like Snape, Dumbledore could have stepped in to teach a Defense Against the Dark Arts class for the current professor.

Either way, I'm just excited we'll get to see Professor Dumbledore in action, as well as Newt in school. New characters, as well as old favorites, are set to return, and thus will be a wizarding war that took place decades before that seen in Harry Potter.