Game of Thrones may be one of the most riveting fantasy-dramas on television, but like most HBO shows, it also features a fair amount of ​sex scenes. In a world of kings and queens, people called wildlings, and the constant need for your lineage to carry on the family name, it's the perfect setting for a near gratuitous amount of sex, dare us forget brothels used to be a big part of the show as well.

Regardless of what you may think of the inclusion of sex in the series, actress Natalie Dormer, who played Margaery Tyrell for five seasons, believes the scenes were pivotal to the show's "raw, visceral qualities" of life in that world.

"Sex and romance is a huge part of human motivation," she told ​The Sun. "So long as it’s informing the story then I don’t see the problem." She went on to praise the show further, calling the "real and dirty" sex scenes, "not glamorized," and "quite naturalistic."

Dormer recently appeared in the thriller In Darkness, which also featured what reviewers called, "sadistic relish” and “gratuitous nudity,” but Natalie insists that "There has to be sexuality in the power play of a thriller."

"We have all got bodies, after all," she said of her actions in the film. "In a thriller the protagonists always have to join together somehow and sex represents that connection. If you are being true to the genre, you have to show this.”

“Five years was the perfect time," Natalie said of ​her time on Game of Thrones. "Now I get the best of both worlds because I can watch it on my sofa and get a kick out of it, going, ‘Oh my God — they’ve done what?’” Same here, Natalie.