​The trailer for James Wan's Aquaman is only a couple weeks away!

Reportedly, Warner Bros. is pretty confident with this next solo film which is set to take place in Atlantis and other various locations, meaning not only are fans about to get some epic underwater battles with more Atlantean magic in play, we'll also be hitting other locations within DC's movieverse.

Now, while we already ​know a few things about the upcoming superhero flick, fans still have some questions and are even wondering what characters would look like in the film. Would ​Mera and Aquaman get some costume changes after their looks in 2017's Justice League? The film, which is well-known for some CGI problems and stumbling story, served as a small introduction to Atlantis, giving fans a glimpse of the world Wan's film would explore.

'Aquaman' Film Card

Images released of some toys related to the film reveal a look at the protagonists, Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, and Mera, played by Amber Heard, as well as the villain, Black Manta, a cunning high-seas pirate and mercenary named David Kane, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

The images though initially taken down were re-released by some fans in the form of tweets, as seen below, and they show a more tactical look for the Black Manta, as well as the classic comic book outfits for the future King and Queen of Atlantis. 

Black Manta in figure form

This is the first full-body looks at the suit for the Black Manta, which shows off a more updated look for the pirate-turned-underwater villain.


While it looks like Mera has a brighter suit than in Justice League, Arthur shows the most drastic change from the previous film.


Though the classic outfits are donned for the iconic couple, it was reported Momoa would not be taking up the classic orange and green outfit for a majority of the film, and, honestly, I'm hoping his cinematic look isn't revealed in the upcoming trailer (or any of them), in order to keep the reveal for the film's release.

A Look at Jason Momoa in 'Aquaman'

Though these looks are not considered official sneak peeks and could very well be toys set to be released as part of a special line in relation to the film, they do offer fans something to see as they eagerly await the ​trailer for DC's next release.