Kylie Jenner is famous for her cosmetics line ​"Kylie Cosmetics," particularly her lip kits. The 20-year-old reality star has shown us that through the power of makeup and over-lining, we too can have plump, pouty lips. When she was 16, she also received lip fillers to make them even fuller, but on Sunday, ​she had them removed.

In an Instagram post, Kylie showed off her natural lips and responded to a curious commenter who wrote, "she looks like the old Kylie here idk why." Kylie replied, "i got rid of all my filler," sending the internet into a frenzy. 

Most applauded her for pursuing a more natural look, saying she looked better than ever. Others, however, were incredibly skeptical. Twitter users posted old photos of Kylie, from before she had first gotten lip fillers, and claimed she didn't completely remove them. 

Her lips are undeniably smaller than about a week ago, but definitely fuller than they were before she ever got fillers. Is it possible that she didn't get it all removed? Or is the treatment just not completely reversible?

Well, according to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe from Rowe Plastic Surgery, ​not all lip fillers are fully reversible. In fact, removing lip filler carries consequences such as bruising and swelling, and it can even make your lips appear thinner than before. 

But most importantly, lip fillers can result in permanent change. “Most fillers are absorbed by the body in about a year," Rowe shared. "They do, however, leave 10 percent of their volume behind in the form of scar tissue, which translates into permanent fullness." 


Getting frequent lip fillers, as Kylie did, can also have a more permanent effect on your lips. Dr. Franziska Huettner from Park Avenue Aesthetic Surgery explained, "Repetitive filler injections can potentially stimulate your natural collagen production. After the filler has been fully dissolved, it possible for the area to remain fuller and smoother."

So keeping all of this in mind, it's probably unfair to compare her lips from seven years ago to how they look now. Her treatments are not completely reversible, and she will never truly be "the old Kylie." She is also a cosmetics icon, with a $900 million business, built upon her ability to do makeup, so maybe we should also be giving the lip queen some credit for her skill that ​can create the illusion of fuller lips.