7 Questions We Desperately Need Answered in '13 Reasons Why' Season 3

The ending of 13 Reasons Why's second season left us with a lot of questions and unresolved storylines. Of course, that's why it wasn't much of a surprise when the show was renewed for another season. Here are just seven of the most important questions we desperately need answered during Season 3.

1. What will happen with the Alex-Jessica-Justin love triangle?

During the first season, Justin was one of the most hated characters. But after running away, and being rescued by Clay and Tony in Season 2, he soon becomes the best character in the entire show. His bad decisions seem more understandable after the show explores his home life: an abusive drug dealer for a father figure, and a mother who's been weakened by drugs and emotional struggle.

Justin also clearly cared about Jessica, and returned for her. He eventually gets himself together and tries to help his friends beat Bryce and help Hannah's family in the trial. He shares cute moments with Clay and his parents, and becomes part of their fam.

At the end of the show, he and Jessica finally kiss, a moment we'd been waiting for the entire season. But at that point, Jessica is still with Alex... And the two of them were undeniably cute together. 

So who will Jessica choose? Will they have to fight for her? Will Alex be cast aside? Will he go to Zach? (Because, let's admit it, they definitely had some cute moments together.)

2. What will happen with Tyler?

Throughout Season 2, we saw Tyler go down an extremely troubling path. He faced a ton of bullying that only increased after his testimony. He eventually became friends with Cyrus, who pressures him into getting revenge against the bullies of Liberty High.

He then has a falling out with Cyrus, posts pictures of them vandalizing the school, and gets sent to a disciplinary program. When he returns, he is graphically sexually assaulted by Monty and two other boys.

Throughout the season, Tyler shows an interest in guns, and his assault sets him off. In the final episode, he shows up to the school dance, prepared to enact a shooting, before Clay convinces him to go home. Tyler was clearly broken down by all that happened and we're frankly quite afraid for what comes next in his story.

3. Will Clay be punished instead of Tyler?

After Clay convinces Tyler to leave, Clay is left with the gun in his hand, and police sirens can be heard in the background. Clay tells Jessica he's not okay, Justin says, "This is f**ked up, right?" and Clay says, "Yea."

The group knew Tyler was coming after he sent a cryptic text to Cyrus, and they called the police. So when they arrive, they'll certainly find Clay with a gun in his hand, and he might have to take the fall. Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay, even seemed worried. "I don’t know what Clay does with that gun, I don’t know how he gets out of it," he confessed.

4. Will Monty be punished for assaulting Tyler?

In the most graphic and controversial scene of the entire show, Tyler is sexually assaulted by Monty and two other guys. The pattern of bullying has been clear throughout the show, but never this violent, demeaning, or tragic. 

Before this, Monty seemed to just follow Bryce and do his dirty work. But now, he seems to be leading the team into more cruel actions. He was often checked by other teammates, but with Bryce gone and Zach quitting, it's Monty's team now. 

Will he be punished for what he did? Or will his coach continue to protect the athletes at the school? If he does go unpunished, will he continue these kinds of actions? 

5. Will Chloe stay with Bryce?

The big part of this season was the polaroids. Clay and the gang eventually find them all (with the help of Zach) and discover that Bryce raped Chloe. When they tell her, she agrees to testify against him, but at the last second, protects him. That was confusing for all of us, until the end of the season.

While in the bathroom, Chloe tells Jessica she's pregnant, which is probably why she protected Bryce during the trial. So does this means she will stay with him? Or will she find support in someone else? On that note, since Bryce is transferring, will he still be part of the show?

6. Will Clay and Justin be like brothers?

This season, Justin Foley was adorable, and his moments with Clay were adorable too. When Clay tells Justin his family wants to adopt him, Justin cries, and we did too. And we'd love to see the two of them as brothers in the next season. 

Even though Justin says that he's "f**ked up," Clay mentions that Justin is clean and going to meetings and that they're both a little messed up after all the trauma they faced.

But we saw Justin is definitely still using drugs, and we're afraid that may be an issue in the Jensen household next season. Another skeleton that might come out of the closet is if Justin's mom's boyfriend makes an appearance. After all, he got into a fight with the guidance counselor, and Justin stole money from him.

7. Will there be more retro technology?

In the first season, we had the cassette tapes, a form of technology we hadn't seen in over a decade. In the second season, we had the polaroids, which, to be fair, are making a comeback in pop culture today. But both retro devices served a purpose for the characters, as they worked to understand the meaning behind them and uncover the truth.

Will this next season feature a different type of technology? There will definitely be a new storyline and a new mystery, but with what? We can't wait to find out when 13 Reasons Why returns in 2019.