Deadpool 2 added a host of classic X-Men mutants including Cable (Josh Brolin), Domino (Zazie Beatz), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), The Vanisher (Brad Pitt), Black Tom Cassidy (Jack Kesy), and the Juggernaut (Ryan Reynolds), but it appears there was another X-Men mutant villain planned for the film, Omega Red.

A Russian super-soldier/mutant serial killer, Omega Red had gone up against Wolverine and Deadpool ever since his creation in the '90s, and most recently tackled the entire X-Men team in the pages of 2017's X-Men: Gold #10-11.

Featured in a list of deleted scenes for the blue-ray release of Deadpool 2, as reported by ​, "Chess with Omega Red" is most likely a scene in the "Ice Box" prison for criminal mutants, set before another deleted scene entitled “The Deadpool Prison Experiment."

It's possible the deleted scene will be included in the "Super Duper Cut" of Deadpool 2 teased by Ryan Reynolds that will be shown at San Diego Comic-Con, and will be released digitally August 7th, and on blu-ray August 21st.

Not much is known about the director's cut of Deadpool 2, such as what scenes will be added, what could change, and how much longer the runtime will be, but writer Rhett Reese commented on ​Twitter that the new cut will be "significantly different" than what was released in theaters.

After the success of ​Deadpool 2, Fox is considering not only an X-Force film with Deadpool, Cable, and Domino, but possibly ​a third Deadpool film as well.