Man of Steel, the first DC film to kick off the DCEU back in 2013, was not only the first Superman film to star Henry Cavill, but was also the first Superman film to show the character's origin story since 1978's Superman starring Christopher Reeve. 

Since Man of Steel​Cavill has played Superman twice more (in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and ​Justice League), but the actor is itching to get himself in the tights again.

Appearing for an interview for his role in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Cavill joked with a Fandango liason in Paris that "it is highly likely we will see another Superman movie somewhere between 2019 and 2045.”

In 2045, Cavill will be 61, which would make for a pretty worn Superman, but with DC moving to introduce new characters, as well as a Wonder Woman sequel, it shouldn't take close to 30 years before Cavill gets to play Superman again.

“It is very much in my desire to do a Man of Steel 2, a direct sequel to Man of Steel, and there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell," he told ​Collider back in April. "There is a whole style of Superman’s character that I’m very keen to tell and I’m looking forward to the opportunity."

Cavill posted on ​Instagram back in June, for National Superman Day, that his favorite Superman story is Superman: For Tomorrow by Jim Lee, Brian Azzarello, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair, which details Superman fighting a villain that caused over a million people (including his wife, Lois Lane) to disappear. In the end, he questions who will be there for him when he needs help, like he has all these years for Earth. "This, for me, is Superman," Cavill commented.

​ reports that Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kingsman) was rumored to be in talks about directing a Man of Steel sequel, but nothing has been confirmed by DC or Warner Bros yet.