​On Friday, Kim Kardashian visited the California Institution for Women. She toured the facility and spent hours speaking one-on-one to 15 inmates. Kim now wishes to create a program to help women adjust after prison, but also wishes to help before their releases.

After ​successfully getting 63-year-old great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson out of jail, Kim has ​continued her fight for prison reform. And just last month, she posted an article about a convicted quadruple murderer named Kevin Cooper, asking California Governor Brown to have his DNA be tested so that he ​may be proven innocent

​​Kevin Cooper, is still waiting, and fighting for his life.

But after her recent prison visit, Kim is starting to focus on women in these institutions, and has again, taken to Twitter. She called out Governor Brown again, this time asking him to sign Assembly Bill 2550.

​The bill would limit how male prison guards can contact female prisoners, and would alter how the prisoners could be searched, touched, and seen. This would restrict male guards from entering areas where female inmates might be undressed, or require them to announce their presence.

Though Governor Brown has yet to respond, and may never answer her call, Kim has been influencing her many followers in what they talk about and read on social media. She has opened up more kinds of conversation and has proved her seriousness in worlds other than fashion and beauty.