​As young couples are getting ​engaged left in right in Hollywood, it seems it's still time to call it quits for some of our favorite pairs, and this time around, Love Island host Caroline Flack is parting ways with her man.

Just three months following their engagement, Caroline has revealed to ​The Sun today that she and Andrew Brady are separating. The couple, who have an 11-year age gap, began dating just this past February, and it seems they did in fact rush into things.

The 38-year-old presenter shared, “I’m sad to announce that Andrew and I have decided to part ways. Unfortunately it was not to be. I wish him all the best. At least there’s a Villa waiting for me. It’s back to the ol’ grafting."

Prior to releasing her statement, Andrew took to Instagram with similar sentiments, writing on his story, "Sad to announce Caroline and I have parted ways."

Caroline Flack, Andrew Brady

Neither stars have given an explanation for their split, but sources claim Caroline was feeling "used" by Andrew, and thought The Apprentice star was "full of lies."

As of recently, there have been rumors of the couple's split and of their marriage, as one time, Caroline was pictured wearing a "Mrs. Brady" hat, and at another instance, fans realized they had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Caroline Flack

At least we know the truth now! We only wish the best for both stars as they move on separately.