​Wonder Woman is such a strong and graceful superhero. But behind the costume is another hero, Gal Gadot. On Friday, the 33-year-old actress visited Inova Health Children's Hospital in Virginia, where she surprised a group of kids in her full Wonder Woman outfit. 

Dr. Lucas Collazo, a doctor at the hospital who specializes in congenital heart disease, posted a thank you to Gadot on Twitter.

Kelly Swink Sahady, mother of seven-month-old daughter Karalyne, ​shared her experience meeting ​Wonder Woman to E! News. Karalyne is a patient battling aggressive acute myeloid leukemia.

"[Gal] had a huge smile on her face and walked right over to me. She asked if she could hold Karalyne and scooped her right into her arms. I was pretty starstruck, as this was a huge surprise," Sahady stated.

"The hospital didn't tell us she was coming," she continued. "We talked for a bit, and she asked me about Karalyne and how she was doing. She asked about her diagnosis. I could tell her crew was in a hurry to keep moving, but she was not. She asked about our other kids and even brought in some toys for them."

"What meant the most was that she didn't want any cameras from anyone but the families of the patients. She didn't want any press coverage for spending her afternoon at the hospital. She did this out of the goodness of her heart, and that meant more than anything. We are ​Wonder Woman fans for life now," Sahady concluded.

It's safe to say Gadot is a great person who wears the Wonder Woman suit proudly!