Even with an iconic show like Friends, there are always going to be plot holes and weird details that just don't add up. Here are ten of those.

1.The apartment number changed

In the beginning of Friends, ​Monica and Rachel actually lived in Apartment 5, with Joey and Chandler at 4. However, the numbers were later changed to 20 and 19, so the characters could enjoy a better view, and give us some iconic balcony scenes. 

2. Phoebe forgot about Gary

In Season 9, Ross accidentally upsets Phoebe by saying she's never had a serious relationship (which she never noticed?). Phoebe then complains she's never lived with a guy, which is NOT TRUE. In Season 5, she moved in with her ex-boyfriend Gary, until he shot a bird.

3. Phoebe's brother met Phoebe earlier than we thought

Though Phoebe doesn't meet her half-brother Frank until she goes to their father's house, ​Giovanni Ribisi had already appeared on the show as the guy who dropped a condom in Phoebe's guitar case.

3. Ross has two birthdays

When Gunther asks Rachel for her birthday, Ross tries to jump in, saying his is in December. He later tells ​Joey that his birthday is October 18. Well, which one is it?

4. Chandler has to be loaded

We knew Chandler was successful when working in finance, especially since the money he had saved was enough for Monica's dream wedding. However, ​one fan also calculated how much money Joey owed him, which amounted to $114,260. If Chandler had enough money for himself, Joey, and a hefty savings account, he must've been loaded.

5. Rachel's old key couldn't have worked

In the Thanksgiving episode where everyone is late, Monica and Chandler lock them out of the apartment. They eventually get in because ​Rachel has her old key from when she used to live there. However, when Monica and Chandler were on their honeymoon, Joey had the door broken down. And since a new door was put in place, Rachel's key couldn't have worked.

6. Barry's name changes 


In the beginning of the show, Rachel runs away from her wedding with Barry, who's last name, she says, is Finkle. Later on in the show, however, he is referred to as Dr. Barry Farber. 

7. Monica reintroduces Rachel to Chandler

In the first episode, when Rachel comes running in with her wedding dress, Monica introduces her to everyone, including Chandler. Later on, we see through flashbacks that she's already met Chandler, and even kissed him once, so she would remember him.

8. Chandler forgets about Ross' sound

When Ross plays the keyboard and introduces his interesting "sound," Chandler seems shocked, but if he was in a band with Ross (Way No Way) during college, shouldn't he have heard "the sound"? Monica remembers it...

9. Central Perk has some interesting desserts


Central Perk features different kinds of coffee, tea, and other drinks. They also have cakes, cookies, or muffins in the display case sometimes. Other times, the dessert choices aren't so sweet. One time, there was a potato sitting at the counter.