​As Game of Thrones' final season wraps up filming, the massive King's Landing set in ​Belfast has gone through drastic changes over the past weeks, ranging from explosives to buildings in flames, as well as using massive green screens.

Joining these massive rigs however, is some tall tower unit covered in furs and rags, that doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the King's Landing buildings. Pictured below thanks to The Red Priestess, courtesy of ​Winter is Coming, it has a Dothraki vibe to it, and the site has also viewed Dorthraki riders near the set of King's Landing as well.

Another fan video details soldiers that most resemble the Unsullied forces under Daenerys lining up for a shot, with the Dothraki riders waiting alongside the fence at the outskirts of the film set. Winter is Coming also reports the massive dragon rigs are also nowhere to be seen any longer, as their shots may be finished.

The actors just had ​the wrap party for the final season, which will premiere on HBO in 2019.