Jar Jar Binks. Midichlorians. Teddy bears taking down an Imperial base. Sand- you know what I'm talking about when I say sand.

I've just given a list of some of the more contentious issues with Star Wars. However, before the premiere of The Last Jedi, no one really thought that Luke Skywalker would become part of this list.

Luke Skywalker

The previous hero from the original trilogy, played by Mark Hamill, returned at the end of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. However, he didn't say a word until its sequel where it was revealed he's become a grumpy old hermit disillusioned with everything from the past, the Jedi, and most of all with himself. His transformation went from idealistic and optimistic warrior, to jaded recluse, to eventual pacifist hero at his death.

At the recent 44th Annual Saturn Awards, which took place last week, Hamill explained to ET Canada how he disagreed with how the character's resolve had digressed, saying, "I said, you know, even if I did something ghastly like picking the wrong young student, that I would redouble my efforts. I wouldn’t just go off to an island for 30 years.”

While fans of the film argue that people change with time, thus this character depiction is brilliant, a simple counterargument of this is that people don't change, which when applied has declared that point moot.

Nevertheless, Luke Skywalker and his depiction was a major bone of contention for many Star Wars fans, which is reflected best when you look at how divisive the film is. 

Luke Skywalker

Similar to when he spoke of how he got into Luke's mindset for the film, he reiterated his point that he needed to think of everything as a bright outlook for a future that ultimately failed, seeing the world as much worse now than it was then. However, he did admit the role was tough and he knew he was meant to usher in a new generation.

"I mean, it was tough on me, because I was sort of old school George Lucas, and you have to make way for the new generation." he said. "So I had to figure out, ‘how can I best make this work?’ And there’s lots of backstory I made up for myself."

As someone who would have liked to see the Grand Master ​Luke Skywalker make his presence known on the screen, and felt robbed of everything when he and his robotic hand became one with the Force, I'm siding with Hamill that The Last Jedi is a hard pill to swallow.