​Harry Potter... is a jock.

Wait! That doesn't sound right. He was a kid who practically grew up abandoned, psychologically abused, and living in a cupboard. I mean, eventually, he ended up finding himself an unsuspecting hero in another world where he was actually rich due to his parents' fortune, and had to live up to the legendary villain that kept haunting him until he emerged into his life. Hmm...

Harry Potter, the Seeker

A new fan theory about Harry's nature is sending many Potterheads into an argument, as the writer argues that Harry isn't a nerd at all, he's a jock!

​​The ​original post came from the ShowerThoughts reddit and from there sparked debates amongst fans, some of which saw his train of thought, while others argued against it.

Those who agree, seem to take away the essentials of the story. 

Others who agree have written: "He's also rich as hell and married his high school sweetheart," and "He's also the principal's favorite, with the principal always pulling some BS to get Harry's house to win the House cup." Though others added on to this line of thought.

There's more "proof" to the Harry being a jock

However, if you're one who still sees Harry as nerd, don't worry, there are others who do as well.

​​It's a small pool of voters, but enough of a Potterhead group to make a decision.

A user did point out that perhaps, Harry's transformation and the reason he seems like both could be the whole point of it all.

Counterargument to the "Jock" point

The debate is still ongoing, but what we know for sure is that Harry was someone who fell into the world of wizardry, and his actions were influenced by his experience and those around him. Was he lazy on occasion? Sure, we know plenty of people like that, especially as teenagers and in school. However, considering everything as a whole, I'm leaning towards the debate where he's got the storyline of a jock but is pretty much a nerd.