Although many of us were rooting for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, it seems she's definitely moved on, and we're happy for her. It's been quite some time since Kourtney and now-boyfriend Younes Bendjima first met, and well, here's a timeline of their relationship starting with that night in Paris.

October 2016

In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney revealed she met Younes at a club during Paris Fashion Week, and that the two had mutual friends already.

"[He would] like not say hi to us. And then I was like, 'Why do you hate us?' I was just drunk. Once I said that, he literally like grabbed my hand and was like, 'It's five in the morning. We're leaving," she explained.

The next night, Kourtney revealed they were in the club together when they got the phone call about Kim being ​robbed, adding, "He was like, 'I'm not leaving you guys,' and he like had to translate everything."

May 2017

Kourtney and Younes cuddling in Cannes

Kourtney and Younes were photographed in Cannes looking absolutely cute! Later, both were spotted riding a jet ski, with Kourtney looking rather adventures as she piloted it around the waters.

Around this time, Scott Disick was reportedly ​not very happy about Kourtney's new dating life, with a source revealing, "He doesn't like that she's dating. For him, it's fine to hang out with girls, but when Kourtney does, he pouts."

August 2017

After spending some time in Florida, the couple flew to Egypt, which was apparently all Younes' idea!

"She is trying to live it up as much as possible this summer and she couldn't wait to see him again. He planned this adventure for them and wanted to take her somewhere new and exciting," a source told E! News at the time.

Of course, the two took some amazing pics during their vacation!

September 2017

Younes and Kourtney at a Paris fashion show

The two lovebirds were spotted attending a soccer game together in Paris, there to watch Younes' favorite soccer team, Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Later, the couple took part in Paris Fashion Week, spotted sitting in the front row at the Haider Ackermann show.

October 2017

Kourtney and Younes hit a major relationship goals milestone, dressing in a couple's costume for the first time on Halloween! Their Bonnie and Clyde costume looked pretty awesome and it is iconic for their relationship.

December 2017

Younes Bendjima, Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney and Younes attended the annual Kardashian Christmas party together- and even Scott was there! You'd think there'd be tension, but according to Kourtney's Instagram stories, it looks like she and Younes had a good time!

March 2018

Major drama! 

Kourtney reportedly unfollowed Younes and then a short time later, briefly shut down her Instagram, and people were freaking out! Yet, to make things even weirder, Younes reportedly made his Instagram account private, too. Though it's now public, things were weird in early March.

At the end of the month, however, Kourtney posted a rather steamy photo with Younes!

April 2018

On a romantic getaway to Turks and Caicos, the two spent plenty of time at their villa surrounded by a lot of sun and beauty, with many insiders saying "romance" was a key word to describe the trip.

Of course, it looks like The Daily Mail tried to start some drama by posting that Younes was spotted with two mystery ladies in Beverly Hills. However, this did not go over well with Younes, who ​shut the rumors down writing, "Daily Mail aka Daily Bulls**t where are the 6 [other men] I was with? What you guys trynna do?"

May 2018

After rocking the red carpet at the Syrian American Medical Society' Voices in Displacement event in LA, Kourtney surprised her beau with a birthday trip, writing in her Insta Story, "For once, he has no idea where we're going."

As a surprise, they landed at the Amangiri luxury resort on the Colorado River! 

And they posted some amazing photos of their trip and their climbs.

Yep! No weakness indeed, that's a lot of upper body strength right there.

June 2018

Younes and Courney enjoying a drink

Kourtney and Younes were spotted together in Italy, taking in the sights and touring the Rome and now Capri.

Their big trip is posted all over Instagram.

"Mia Cara" posted on Instagram by Younes

The two of them are so adorable and we can't wait to see where they go next! We're so happy Kourtney finally looks in love with her life, and isn't filled with drama and betrayal any longer.