Although Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have done almost everything to confirm their engagement on social media, fans were still eagerly awaiting the actual admission from either parties.

And now, we have it! In his first interview since the relationship went public, Pete appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and did not hold anything back. There you have it, everyone: they are ​engaged!

The Saturday Night Live star gushed about his fiancé to Jimmy and fellow guest Robert Pattinson, claiming, “I feel like I won a contest, so sick. It’s f—ing lit, Jimmy. It’s so lit.” We'd say lit is an understatement!

“It’s so funny to walk down the street because dudes are walking by,” he explained as he imitating people tipping their hats. “Did you see that Derek Jeter commercial? He’s retiring and everybody tips their hat.”

Taking the funny route, per usual, Pete added, “Some dude goes up to me and says, ‘Yo man, you gave me hope,’ I was like I didn’t know I was that ugly."

The 24-year-old comedian continued the show then gushing over Robert Pattinson, promoting his movie Good Time which came out last year and is already on DVD. Clearly, he's not experienced in late night interviews, and makes that known to Jimmy.

Now we just can't wait for ​Ariana's next interview so we can see what she says about the engagement!