​Kim Kardashian has been labeled "broken" by The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil. The reality star is being criticized by Jameela for the second time, now for constantly trying to "fix" her looks.

Jameela first called out ​Kim Kardashian back in May after she ​promoted appetite suppressants on Instagram. Kim had posted a photo with the appetite suppressant lollipop, calling them "unreal."

​​In response, Jameela took to Twitter, criticizing Kim for supporting the product and calling her a "terrible and toxic influence on young girls." The actress also went on to criticize the entire Kardashian family.

​​However, the beef is not over yet. During an interview with Stylist magazine, Jameela came for the family again, especially Kim.

“She keeps fixing and fixing but there’s nothing to fix," Jameela said of Kim. "She clearly can’t see what she looks like, none of them can see what they look like."

"I think they’re broken by this industry," she continued. "I just feel sad for them.”

Jameela had also posted a series of tweets in response to Kim's post about maximizing fat loss a few weeks ago.

​​Perhaps Jameela has a point about the problematic nature in trying to "fix" our imperfections. But does that make us broken? And does her hating make the situation any better? We'll see if Kim responds to these criticisms.