On Monday, Ariana Grande revealed she and her new fiancé Pete Davidson got matching tattoos. In a post on her Instagram story, she showed the new ink, which she, Pete, and some of their friends got on their hands.

​​Though the hand in the video does not belong to Pete, Ariana did tag him in the post, implying they all got the H2GKMO (honest to god knock me out) tattoos together.

Pete was also featured on tattoo artist Jon Mesa's Instagram with a new "REBORN" tattoo, referring to the new Kanye West and Kid Cudi album, Kids See Ghosts. Ariana and Pete actually went to the album listening party together in California on June 7.

Jon then posted a picture with Ariana, again implying they got tatted together. The two were also both tagged in the photo.

But these aren't the first instances ​Ariana and Pete got matching tattoos. They both have a cloud on their middle finger, something the internet noticed early on in their relationship. 

​​Pete also ​covered up a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Cazzie David, and has two tattoos inspired by Ariana on his ear and finger that showcase his love for her: her initials and signature bunny mask. 

Looks like the two are making their love permanent, and are ​here to stay.