12 Hilarious Moments From 'The Office' You Probably Forgot About

'The Office' was one of the funniest shows on television when it ran on NBC, but there are so many jokes and antics over the course of its nine-season run, it's impossible to have every episode memorized (although I don't doubt some have tried). Below, you'll find some hidden gems that will hopefully brighten your day!

12. When Phyllis got the '50 Shades of Grey' audiobook

On the episode "Promos" from Season 9, Phyllis gets the audiobook version of '50 Shades of Grey' by E.L. James and can't stop dry-humping the air and making noises, constantly bumping into Dwight's chair. How does he solve this? By dumping a massive bucket of water on her head.

11. When Kevin spills his homemade chili everywhere

In one of the funniest cold opens of the entire series, episode "Casual Friday" from Season 5 begins with Kevin bringing in his special homemade chili. The gag is initially clear as he drops the chili all over the office and rolls around in it it trying to save it.

10. When Michael got gum in his hair

In the episode "Night Out" from Season 4, Michael gets gum in his hair when he bends down to pick up a quarter, and Dwight rubs peanut butter all over the head to get the gum out. When Dwight mentions the peanut butter has a lot of calories, Michael responds with, "well, just don't leave it on too long."

9. When Dwight used his feet to pour hot coffee all over him

When trying to improve his foot-dexterity in the episode “China” from Season 7, Dwight fails at trying to hold a cup of coffee, which is definitely not a day one foot activity, and accidentally pours it all over his crotch.

8. When the DVD logo finally hit the corner of the screen

Everyone knew those DVD logos and how they would bounce around the screen, almost never hitting the corner, but in the episode "Launch Party" from Season 4, Michael thinks the office is giving his meeting a standing ovation when they cheer that the logo box finally hits the corner.

7. When no one could remember if Stanley had a mustache or not

Even though they work with and see Stanley everyday, there was a controversy in the office as to whether or not he had a mustache. Pam drew both options to show everyone to try and remember. Stanley definitely has a mustache, right?

6. When Dwight created a daycare center at the office

When Dwight showed off his new day center at the office for Jim and Pam in the episode “Counseling” from Season 7, Jim was quick to notice that the "magic toy box" next to the Insane Clown Posse poster was just full of forks and knives from the break room.

5. Stanley's Halloween costume

In the episode "Employee Transfer" from Season 5, Kelly is impressed with Stanley's fish-head costume for Halloween because she thought he hated dressing up, only the realize he covered his head so you couldn't see him sleeping at his desk.

4. When Michael was a day earlier for his interview

It's great to be early for an interview, but it's also important to remember what day it's on. In the episode "The Job" from Season 3, Michael shows up a whole day early to his interview with David Wallace, and he doesn't even come close to getting the job.

3. When Dwight loved Earth Day a little too much

A character Dwight created over the years, Recyclops was originally a force for good that just gave recycling tips on Earth Day. But by the time of the episode "Shareholder Meeting" from Season 6, Recyclops had evolved to include armor, a sword, a "Punish" sign, and a need to destroy corporate buildings polluting the Earth.

2. When Michael couldn't drive

Fans may remember when Michael drove his car into a lake because the GPS told him to turn, but it's actually a theme throughout the show that Michael isn't very good at driving. He once falls asleep with his eyes open behind the wheel, and in the episode "The Michael Scott Paper Company" from Season 5, he chooses to park in this incredibly tight space instead of parallel parking in a massive spot.

1. When Jim tricked Dwight into thinking he was Asian

In the episode "Andy's Ancestry" from Season 9, Jim has one of his friends, actor Randall Park from ABC's Off the Boat, replace Jim at the office and try to convince Dwight that he's Jim. Dwight comments, "no, Jim isn't Asian," then finds Park sitting with Pam and their two kids in a picture on Pam's desk.