​Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after only a few short weeks of dating, but they are clearly super in love. Ariana even posted a clip of a new song on Instagram and revealed it would be called 'Pete.'

Fans, however, were critical of her ​quick engagement and new song name, even taking to Twitter to voice their opinions. But Ariana responded with a short and classy answer, that should perhaps make us all reconsider before judging.

​​After one fan criticized her for not giving "a f**k," Ariana responded that "life's too short to be cryptic n s**t about something as beautiful as this love."

​​Ariana also talked about some struggles she had gone through, possibly referring to the​ post-traumatic stress disorder she was facing after the bombing at her concert in Manchester last May. She also recently split from rapper Mac Miller, a relationship she called "toxic" and "scary."

Either way, we should let Ariana express her love through her music. After all, Pete Davidson got ​two tattoos for her, pretty early on in the relationship, and no one gave him a hard time.