Nicki Minaj's upcoming new album isn't expected to arrive until mid August, but the recently released ​iTunes pre-order page is already up, and the tracklist seems to have upset a lot of fans despite its hefty 19-track length.

Previously released songs "Chun-Li," "Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne)," and "​Bed (feat. Ariana Grande)," are shown as track five, six, and 10, respectively, but fans are miffed by the removal of "Barbie Tingz," a song released at the same time as "Chun-Li," heralding the emcee's big return in April.

I'd rather have an entirely new song than one I've already heard before, but having "Barbie Tingz" on the record would add another great song to the list. At 19 tracks however, the record will surely feature at least an hour of new Nicki Minaj material, which, although won't include "Barbie Tingz," is something to be excited for.

Nick previously released the ​official album art for Queen, due out August 10th, and announced a 28-city tour with Future called the ​NICKIHNDRXX Tour.