The future for DC films is pretty shaky, as the only products currently confirmed or in serious development ​include Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2. The rest of the planned DCEU, Birds of Prey, The Batman, FlashpointGreen Lantern Corps, Batgirl, and The Joker, have all hit severe production delays, to the point where not much is known about any of them.

Regardless, DC has put their entire faith and hope into ​James Wan's upcoming Aquaman film, starring Jason Momoa, who will be reprising his role from Justice League.

“James has done an incredible job with his team,” Warner Bros. chief Toby Emmerich told ​EW. "The film is taking you to a different place and imagining the underwater world in a way you haven’t seen before.”

Aquaman has "the great action you expect, it’s got a lot of great humor, it works on so many levels," added producer Peter Safran. "It’s a testament to James’ unique vision. I think it’s an extraordinary step in DC Universe that sets it on the right path."

Even Geoff Johns, a famous Aquaman writer and previous president of DC Entertainment, praised Wan's film, stating that, "the underwater stuff has never been executed like this before."

"The visual effects shots coming in are just beautiful," Johns continued, adding, "James can switch modes from horror to big bright colorful action to really emotional scenes. He’s so able to hit all these different genres.”

The ​trailer is ​rumored to drop sometime this week, where fans will be able to judge the future of DC films for themselves. Aquaman is set to premiere in theaters this December 21st, 2018.