Since Avengers: Infinity War's gloomy ending, it seemed that ​Captain Marvel was going to save the day, especially since Nick Fury was last seen calling her during the end credits.

Well now, rumors have been surfacing that the first trailer for Captain Marvel ​will come out tomorrow (Wednesday, June 13)! A fan posted on her Instagram story on Monday that a teaser trailer might be released at CineEurope. 

CineEurope then reposted it on their Instagram story, seemingly confirming the rumor. 

However, even if a Captain Marvel trailer is shown there, chances are low that we'll get to see it. Aquaman's trailer was released at the same event on Monday, but just for those present. We can pray for a leak, but it seems unlikely at the moment.

For now, you can go to the theaters again to rewatch Avengers: Infinity War. If you go ​over 40 times, you might even get invited to the Avengers 4 premiere!