​Power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z have teamed up with ​DJ Khaled for their On The Run II Tour, an incredibly exciting experience for anyone lucky enough to have gotten tickets.

But while the performances themselves are extremely vulnerable and intimate, the Carters opened up to fans in their tour book as well. During Saturday night's show in Glasgow, Scotland, the couple shared some revealing photos in the book.  

One photo features a virtually nude Queen Bey reading a newspaper, while Jay-Z smokes a cigar. 

​​Another features the normally private couple, naked in bed, covered by each other's limbs.

​​Fans are ecstatic that these pictures have been released. While their ​twin babies may not have been real, these photos certainly are. But if you want the pics, you're going to have to go to the tour yourself. 

Tickets can be purchased here and the OTRII Tour hits the US on July 25 in Cleveland, Ohio.