Reed Hastings, chairman and CEO of Netflix, addressed the criticism and controversy surrounding the streaming site's show 13 Reasons Why, simply saying that nobody is being forced to watch it. We agree!

​During a webcast meeting, a shareholder ​a​sked how Netflix decided to ​bring back a show that's “potentially controversial for a segment of its user base.”

“It is controversial,” Hastings acknowledged. “But nobody has to watch it. We’re an on-demand service, and we feel great about the possibility of Season 3 and look forward to supporting the team’s work in that.”

Hastings continued, saying 13 Reasons Why is “engaging content” that “has been enormously popular and successful.” The second season premiere ​drew six million viewers in the US, in the first three days of its release. Yeah, we'd call that successful!

However, many have called for ​the show to be cancelled. Mental health experts and activists fear the show may contribute to copycat suicides among teens, especially since it appeals to a younger audience. Many parents of teens and pre-teens don't think such explicit topics and scenes need to be included, but the showrunners beg to differ.

While the show's content may be graphic, many have argued that 13 Reasons Why has opened up grounds for discussion, and tells a truth, even if people might not want to hear it. 

No matter the backlash, the Netflix series has been ​renewed for a third season, so if you aren't a fan of it, we suggest you take Reed's advice! There's no need to watch it if it offends you.