After 19 movies, it looks like the path after Avengers 4 might not be as clear for Marvel studios.

During the Produce By Conference this weekend, Marvel president Kevin Feige revealed there's a few projects in progress at Marvel and they're trying to include some stories for familiar characters, new and unfamiliar characters, and are even trying to rework some new versions of some beloved current characters.

This can mean a lot of things to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but at the same time, it also informs fans that familiar arcs are coming for some heroes, which can mean some fan-favorite stories coming to the big screen. 

The news does signify we'll see the continuation of the story for some already established characters, which isn't a surprise considering that both the Spider-Man's sequel as well as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 have already been announced.

However, what surprises does Feige's news bring? Well, with the introduction of Captain Marvel, it can introduce a variety of stories from worlds beyond, even though we already have the Guardians of the Galaxy. This can even pave the way for the introduction of Miss Marvel, which has also been previously announced

Also, if this cinematic universe chooses to expand the movie-verse and introduce more characters, we could even see perhaps the Spider-Verse story arc come to the screen, which brings Spiders from across the multiverses, seeing as how Tom Holland's Spider-Man is well loved and always manages to have his own scene-stealing moments in every film. 

For now though, Feige and Marvel are focused on introducing Captain Marvel to the universe first and then taking steps forward from there.