He's only had one appearance in the DC Extended Universe, but fans are excited to see what Joe Manganiello brings to the screen as the deadly mercenary Deathstroke. 

At the end of Justice League, audiences and fans were given an after credit scene devoted to the start of the Legion of Doom, a group of villains who will most likely challenge the rising group of heroes in the future.

Recently though, at Oz Comic-Con, Manganiello revealed that former DC Films Co-Head Jon Berg gave him a call after seeing Bosslogic's fan art of the actor as Deathstroke. Bosslogic's art is well known for turning some actors into comic book heroes and villains, and according to Manganiello, his art in 2016 for Deathstroke was spectacular. 

It certainly does look so much like the way the actor appeared in the Justice League after credit scene, but believe us when we say that life reflected art in this case.

Deathstroke appears before Lex Luthor

While this may come as a shock to many fans and sounds ridiculously cool, it also surprised the actual artist! 

That's some pretty unique way of getting a part! Although we'll have to wait a while longer before we see Manganiello in the ​film as it's still in development, we're extremely excited to see how he does in the role.