With some members of the Batfamily getting their own issue to deal with some arising problems before the major comic book wedding, it looks like this week was Nightwing's turn and this time, he's going to have to deal with the groom's issue: picking a best man!

Nightwing, Batman, and Superman walk into a burger place... nope, not a joke

Now, normally, Bruce isn't one for tradition or custom, but seeing as how many will be in attendance and he hasn't done this sort of thing, following tradition seemed like a good guideline, though in certain ways, between ​the Cat and the Bat, they're both going about these traditions in their own way. In this case, one bachelor party for Bruce is spent in full gear at a burger place courtesy of Superman and another on an eternal lake made for fishing, courtesy of Nightwing.

Nightwing's Idea of a Bachelor Party for Bruce

Now, you'd think there'd be only really two options for Bruce Wayne to pick for his best man, his good friend and colleague, Clark Kent, or his heir and eldest son, Dick Grayson. However, here's the wrinkle: someone's crashed the party and wants to get back into Bruce's good graces. And that man's none other than Hush, also known as Thomas Elliot, Bruce's former childhood friend turned murderous villain who at some point in DC Comics history cut out Selina's heart in order to lure Batman into a confrontation to kill him.

Hush and Dick Grayson Fight

Anyway, retconned history aside, Dick and Hush actually end up stranded in an alternate dimension where Hush reveals that using his skills as a surgeon, he transformed himself into Batman's "best friend," and shows his face to look exactly like Dick Grayson! 

Well, that should have been confusing when Bats and Supes showed up to rescue the stranded Nightwing, but in the end, Grayson was rescued and Hush was left stranded (really though, serves him right). 

And when Grayson wakes up, he realizes the choice had been made for Bruce. 

Despite it all, Dick admitted Bruce chose right for his best man, that Superman was someone who was always there for his friends and someone Bruce spent more time with especially as of late since the two reaffirmed their friendship once again. He admitted he'd put distance between them by moving away, but it wasn't his intention and he'd like to spend more time home.

Yes! Having been waiting for the classic Batman/Nightwing bond to reappear in the comics and with a lot more happening in the coming months, I know I won't be seeing the last of father and son working together.