Everything is connected with the different Marvel media like the Netflix shows, the NBC and CW series, and even sometimes the comics play a role. However, it looks like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is setting up for a bigger world and is building the foundation for something pretty fantastic.

Alright, if you haven't caught a couple of key Marvel-esque words I don't blame you, considering the ​Fantastic Four haven't been featured in comics (the original incarnation of the four Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm) in a while, ever since the massive universe shaking arc that took place a few years back.

But yes, it looks like a fan's theory involves Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. taking some story cues from Fantastic Four and is even building towards something.

Reddit user KingInvalid96 posted a theory in an Ask Me Anything session to ​Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb, and in it pointed out the similarities between the Fantastic Four and comic book aspects from the show.

"So I thought about the parallels between the show and the F4 themselves: (Show/F4)

  • The Fear Dimension/Negative Zone
  • Alien Energy/Cosmic Radiation
  • Discovery of the Inhumans
  • The Shield Academy/Empire State University
  • The Fantastic Fitzsimmons literally becoming the First Family in the MCU in ep. 100
  • Deke saying everyone in shield changed their names (what're the odds Fitsimmons choose Reed and Sue?)
  • Fitz/Reed designing a spaceship
  • Enoch's accumulation of wealth + reputation for Frozen Fitz/the Future Foundation"
The Fantastic Four

The theory goes on to include various moments of the show where words like "Doom" kept being thrown around as well. Yet, in the end, the user asked: "Am I crazy, or are you guys producing Agents of Shield to be the epic prologue to something more? Can you elaborate or hint towards the future of the show now that it's been renewed for Season 6?"

Loeb's response: "You're not crazy, but that's all I can say."

Now, before we start jumping the gun here it's important to remember that when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was being developed and when early seasons began, 20th Century Fox owned the rights to the Fantastic Four, but seeing as how the deal between Disney and Fox is still ongoing, perhaps if this becomes a reality, this show is trying to build towards integrating some of the most significant Marvel characters in the show and working towards unifying the entirety of the Marvel media. 

With the relaunch of the Fantastic Four in Marvel comics coming this fall, perhaps introduction into Marvel media makes the most sense!