Filming is winding down for Game of Thrones' final season and some stars have already bid farewell while others are finishing up at the wrap party. 

What does that mean? Well, firstly, it means we're a tiny bit closer to the ​final season. Second, it means that some people will be answering questions in interviews, which means more hints!

Gilly during Season 7

During Con of Thrones in Dallas, Texas, actress Hannah Murray (who plays Gilly) answered some questions about her character's changes throughout the season and even offered more tidbits about Season 8, and- significantly- she couldn't reveal who her new scene partners were but teased she was working with people she'd never worked with before!

Of course, we can't get that excited because it's just a hint, but seeing as how most of her never before worked with partners are now coming to Winterfell, where Gilly currently resides in the show, it's interesting to see who she'll be teaming up with.

What she could definitively ​answer though was how much she enjoyed her character's development over the series, evolving from a person who had nothing to smile about to one who is actually experiencing some happiness for the first time in her life.

Gilly earlier on the series with baby Sam

“The final day was definitely very emotional because you’re having to say goodbye to a lot of people." shared Murray when talking about wrapping up scenes. "I feel so lucky to have been a part of the show for so long, and I’m very excited to see how people experience the final season.”

Most recently, the actress has warned people to "expect the unexpected" for the series and that its finale won't have a "fairytale ending". Girl, we're already way ahead of you! But the advice is appreciated.